An ambassador for positive change with a commitment to develop rural communities, Steven Brown is currently enacting a revolutionary movement of betterment for youth today. Steven Brown is currently a Project Engineer at General Electric. Prior to this position Steven served as a Project Manager and Electrical Engineer for Fluor Corporation, where he was responsible for managing the design build of $20+ million dollar facilities. Steven is highly effective in problem solving, managing and planning. He has a proven ability to effectively execute projects, and manage effectively. Mr. Brown is described as having the ability to effectively multitask in challenging situations while ensuring he keeps priorities his top priority. In 2011 he was rewarded for his Professional Publication in Fluor’s professional publication program.

Mr. Brown is fully vested and committed to serve and help every youth realize their true potential and succeed in every endeavour. He knows firsthand the challenges that youth face in rural communities and the effects limited resources and assets has on their development. Steven himself grew up in a rural community with very limited resources, but with the support of family and loved ones, he was fortunate enough to graduate high school and become the very example of persistence and promise that exists in rural communities. Steven founded DIG on the belief that big dreams can be achieved in small places. He believes that rural community youth should be awarded the same opportunities for success as their counterparts in metropolitan areas. His personal commitment and passion is a modern day example of the type of initiative we must continue to take for change to commence for our youth. Steven graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2007 and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.