Clemson University- South Carolina Coalition of Mathematics and Science
(SCCMS) and Dreams, Imagination, and Gift (DIG)

Shelby Williams-STEM Community Outreach Associate/DIG Program Director

South Carolina Coalition of Mathematics and Science (SCCMS) at Clemson University
has partnered with Dreams, Imagination, and Gift Development Program (DIG) based in
Barnwell County to create a partnership to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) awareness in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and surrounding
areas. The SCCMS and DIG’s partnership has initiated the formation of the “DIG STEM
Collaborative.” The DIG STEM Collaborative is an innovative partnership managed by DIG
and SCCMS. Its purposes are to effectively engage the region’s stakeholders to advance STEM,
bolster the STEM workforce, and establish the Central Savannah River region as a leader in
STEM education. DIG and SCCMS has complementary missions, which has been identified as
the partnering means to aid in promoting STEM awareness to this region. DIG and SCCMS will
have a STEM Community Outreach Coordinator designated to the region with an office located
in the Clemson Extension office of Blackville, SC.

SCCMS currently manages grants and contracts from diverse funding sources to promote
workforce and economic development through advocacy and action in STEM education
throughout the state of South Carolina. The SCCMS is an alliance of partnering organizations
and initiatives, each reaching the education and business communities in different ways. SCCMS
is notably recognized throughout the state for their outdoor STEM Festivals: Imagine Upstate
and Charleston Low Country STEM Festival. SCCMS central efforts are focused on
promoting economic development through improving K-12 education. SCCMS brings together
advocates from business/industry, education, government, and community organizations to
catalyze action. SCCMS serve as an active proponent for economic and workforce development
through STEM education by forming advocacy networks, fostering collaborative partnerships,
securing funding, and promoting public policy at state and national levels. With this partnership
SCCMS will work to strengthen the STEM pipeline through education and enrichment by
working to expand DIG and SCCMS programs throughout the region.

Dreams, Imagination, and Gift Development Program (DIG) is a 501(c)(3) organization
working to inspire youth in rural areas to excel in all endeavors by empowering them to unlock
their full potential and build upon their natural gifts and talents. Utilizing Positive Youth
Development (PYD) and STEM as its foundation, DIG engages youth through Science,
Technology, Engineering, Literature Arts, and Mathematic (STE(A)M) enrichment and career
readiness mentoring. DIG accomplishes this work through many programs including afterschool
and summer STE(A)M enrichment, virtual mentoring, recreation, and community service. DIG is
nationally recognized for its annual outdoor STE(A)M festival to which provides an opportunity
for engagement and exchange between children, teens, families, and STEM professionals in rural
South Carolina.

The partnership between these two organizations will bring about great change in the
CSRA and surrounding areas by helping to form a collaborative group of business/industry,
education, government, and community leaders working jointly to increase awareness of the role
of STEM in today’s society. As the demand for STEM careers grows, the United States will
require more workers with high-level knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math
than ever before. To meet this demand, there is tremendous emphasis on the exposure of STEM
to our youth in and outside of the classroom. The DIG STEM Collaborative will assist the area
schools, industries, and organizations with the demand for STEM exposure
. DIG and SCCMS first major event will be held on April 21, 2018, as they partner together for
DIG’s 4th Annual STEM Festival located on Main St. in Williston, SC. For more information
please contact the SCCMS and DIG STEM Collaborative office at or visit