DIG is 501c3 Tax Exempt non-profit organization determined to improve the lives of youth within rural communities. We focus on the development of our participants strengths, natural gifts and talents. We inspire young people to Dream Big, and explore their imaginations. DIG provides the guidance and resources to help make those dreams a reality. Positive Youth Development principles allow us to explore the potential and capacity of each individual youth, rather than focus on their inabilities.

Mission: To encourage and instill a belief in children, youth and communities that big dreams can be achieved in small places. DIG Corporation focuses on Positive Youth Development (PYD) and unlocking the full potential of children and youth in rural communities.

Purpose: DIG seeks to inspire youth to excel in all endeavors by enabling them to unlock their full potential and build upon their natural gifts and talents. We aspire to encourage youth to become well-rounded and productive members of society by providing a positive and safe environment where they will learn, grow and be encouraged to dream big. DIG aims to create a cultural and interactive environment where children and youth learn through social development, mentoring, leadership, and community service built around our 4-strategic pillars: Development, Education, Community Service, and Recreation.

"Here is how we are making a difference in rural communities. DIG is currently at work in Southern states where the need is greater, but will prioritize other rural communities based on the need."

Our Goal

Our goal is to motivate, mentor, encourage and enable the children and youth to excel and make their dreams and imaginations a reality. DIG seeks to provide a service to the community to aid in social and economic growth and development.

DIG aims to establish a sense of community pride and ownership by providing an organization that gives residents an opportunity to play a major role in developing their own youth. Statistics show that when a community is involved by volunteering, residents feel secure, personally invested, and tend to do more for the well being of the community.

We will engage local businesses and corporations to become more involved in local development. This not only increases our youth’s exposure to business owners, but also aids in the economic development of the area.

Most importantly, our goal is to introduce a program that provides children and youth the same benefits as those in large cities and metropolitan areas of 10,000 or more residents.


  • Development

    The Development pillar aims to produce confident, respectful and productive members of society with positive futures through Positive Youth Development (PYD), mentoring, and preparation. PYD provides opportunities for youth to increase their skills, confidence, and abilities.

  • Community Service

    DIG aims to increase and establish a sense of community by providing a resource that gives community residents and local businesses an opportunity to play a major role in developing their own youth and community through volunteer efforts.

  • Education

    Our nation needs to better educate our students in the core areas. DIG seeks to place a strong emphasis on hands-on inquiry-based learning activities, such as learning about the engineering design process, working directly with STEM professionals through job shadowing and mentoring opportunities. DIG participants will also take tours to STEM factories, facilities and colleges.

  • Recreation

    Childhood obesity continues to be a nationwide epidemic and the DIG Develop Program will emphasize healthy lifestyles for its participants.Through partnerships with local community health resources DIG will provide health education to its participants.

    Through a straightforward and common sense approach the emphasis will be on healthy eating habits and the promotion of an active lifestyle.